Hi, I’m David…

Sound guidance, motivation and dedication – these are the keys to unlocking your potential and are all at the heart of the Sculpt philosophy.

A former international swimmer, Sculpt’s founder David Jones represented his country on numerous occasions having mastered the necessary training techniques and discipline to keep him at the top of his sport.

He now dedicates his passion and expertise to helping others achieve their health and fitness goals and dreams. David has a dynamic and inspiring approach to exercise. Along with cutting-edge nutritional advice and planning, he specialises in fat loss, muscle gain and body transformation training.

His gimmick-free, motivational sessions are always designed with his clients’ specific aims and goals in mind. David has worked with Olympic medal winning athletes; he’s helped middle aged businessmen regain the bodies of their 20s; he’s trained supermodels to be in top shape for photo-shoots.

No matter what their needs or ambitions, David’s clients always reach their goals.