Fat burning foods
Our bodies are supposed to be lean, healthy and full of energy yet most recent statistics show that a terrifying 61% of adults and 30% of children are now classified as overweight or obese in England. The problem stems from a combination of poor nutritional education, a mountain of misinformation and the food industry peddling sugar and junk to an ever growing (outwardly) population.

Ask yourself the question: When was the last time I felt fit, healthy and energised?

If it isn’t as recently as the last 7 days your dietary choices could well be to blame. An extremely simple rule to live by is:

If it didn’t swim, run, or fly, or hasn’t grown from the ground, don’t eat it.

Getting into good shape is as simple as eating natural, unprocessed foods and exercising regularly, if the 61% of overweight adults in England followed this simple piece of advice our obesity epidemic would be shrinking year on year instead of growing.

Check out the Sculpt top 5 fat burning foods

Most of these fat burning foods are very sating, so you won’t feel hungry 30 minutes after eating a meal (eggs for breakfast is a classic example of this)

Fat Burning Food 1: Avocado

Hands down one of my favourite foods. Deliciously creamy, filling and full of healthy monounsaturated fats and antioxidants. The fats in avocados have also been proven to reduce cholesterol levels. Chop half onto a salad or try making my ‘best guacamole recipe in the world’ below.

Fat Burning Food 2: Chilli

The ‘hot’ bit of a chilli is called Capsaican and when you eat it your body temperature increases, burning more energy. Try adding some to soups, curries or stir fries to add a flavour and fat loss kick.

Fat Burning Food 3: Eggs

Eggs were given a bad rep in the not so distant fat fearing past despite being extremely good for you. They’re high in protein and fat burning vitamin B12. Eggs also make a very filling breakfast, after an omelet I guarantee you won’t be having the mid morning chocolate biscuit craving. Don’t make the mistake of binning the yolk though, it’s full of nutrients (and delicious)

Fat Burning Food 4: Salmon

Salmon is very high in appetite sating muscle building protein and metabolism boosting Omega 3’s. Eat two to three portions a week and try to buy wild salmon whenever possible as it’s much more packed with the good stuff than the farmed alternative.

Fat Burning Drink 5: Green Tea

Ok its not a food but drinking a 2-3 of cups of green tea a day improves the bodies ability to burn fat during exercise and is a short term appetite suppressor. If you don’t like the taste just add a little lemon juice.

Bonus: Water

A no brainer but still an amazing amount of people don’t hydrate themselves properly. Not only essential for staying alive, drinking a large glass of water will stave off hunger and increase metabolism. Aim for 2 litres of filtered water every day.

The best guacamole recipe in the world

[list type=”arrow”] [li]4 ripe avocados[/li] [li]Half a finely chopped red onion[/li] [li]2 cloves chopped garlic[/li] [li]10 cherry tomatoes[/li] [li]1 jalapeño pepper, seeds removed (leave them in if you like it spicy)[/li] [li]Roughly chopped Coriander (Cilantro to our US readers)[/li] [li]The juice of half a lime[/li] [li]1/2 teaspoon of cumin[/li] [li]1/2 teaspoon of chili powder[/li] [li]Salt and pepper to flavour[/li] [/list]

Mix all of the ingredients except the avocados, salt and pepper and leave to sit for 20 minutes.

Smash the avocados into the mixture with a fork then stir until smooth but with chunky bits of avocado still remaining . Serve immediately with veg sticks for an extremely healthy fat burning snack.


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