best abs exercises for getting a 6 pack

Six pack abs are seen as the holy grail when it comes to a mans physique, we are constantly reminded that ripped abs will make us more of a man, girls will like us more and we’ll be the envy of other guys at the gym. Running a busy London personal training company, the focus of this article is one of the most frequent goals of our extensive male client list and the truth is that it’s not that hard to achieve. Remember that if you carry too much fat around your middle ie. 15% body fat and more, then all the ab exercises in the world won’t make a single bit of difference to the definition of your one-pack! If this is sounds like you and you can pinch more than a decent inch, check out our fat loss nutrition articles to torch through the layer of insulation hiding your abs. Check out these 3 killer abdominal exercises that will give your entire abdominal area an intense workout. You don’t need electro pads strapped to your stomach, vibrating plates or to do 200 crunches every workout, keep it simple and remember, intensity is the key. Add these advanced exercises in 1-2 times a week to bring out your six pack. Remember that balance of strength is very important so if you’re training your abs you should definitely be training your back just as often, otherwise you’ll be unbalanced which can lead to poor posture and a sore back.

The best ab exercises for getting a 6 pack

Complete 3 x 10 in a circuit fashion with minimal rest at the end of your gym sessions 2-3 times a week, if your body fat is already fairly low you should start to see the difference in 2-3 weeks. I’ve included video demonstrations from Youtube to make each exercise easier to visualise and perform correctly.

1: Barbell wheel roll outs

 What does it work?

This advanced exercise targets pretty much your entire core. You can buy pre made ab roller wheels fairly cheaply if you want to do this exercise at home, just follow this link.

How do I do it?

Grab a barbell (short ones are best) and add 2 equal sized plates to each end, this will form your wheel. Whilst on your knees, place your hands shoulder width apart on the barbell. Now, whilst keeping your back straight and glutes squeezed, slowly roll the barbell away from you, dropping your hips down into a plank position. You should feel your abs strongly resisting your back from going into lumbar extension (arching), at this point roll back to the starting position and repeat. The further you roll out the harder this exercise becomes, once completing reps on your knees becomes too easy try progressing to your toes – extremely difficult!

2: Hanging leg raises

What does it work?

This advanced exercise is a world away from the humble crunch, done correctly it will work your entire abs and grip as an added bonus.

How do I do it?

Grab onto a pull up bar and let your body hang in a straight line, slowly raise your knees (easy version) or straight legs (hard version) towards your hands. When you get as far as you can, slowly lower your legs back to their starting position to begin the next rep WITHOUT using momentum to swing your way back up.

3: Cable rotations

What does it work?

This exercise works your obliques, the muscles to the sides of your trunk. It’s important for your strength in all planes of movement to be well balanced so this exercise is a must.<

How do I do it?

Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Holding the cable handle out in front of your body at rib-cage level, rotate as far as possible to your left until you feel the muscles on your back right side begin to stretch. Drive back in the other direction, keeping your arms extended. Keep rotating until you feel the cable wrap around the back of your shoulder. Make sure you move your hips at the same pace as you rotate through the concentric phase (moving the load away from the weight stack) as fast as possible while returning the weight (eccentric) in a controlled manner. The exercise should resemble taking a home-run baseball swing.