Diet Confusion Blog

Dieting and weight loss is a huge industry and as a consumer (not just of food but of the many other messages, books, ebooks, diet clubs, shakes and magic pills) it is easy to lose your mind with the many mixed and often contradictory messages out there. Don’t get stuck in an endless cycle of

I am going to give you a very simple message and one of our core beliefs at Sculpt Health and Fitness, armed with this advice and coupled with regular resistance and cardio training you simply cannot fail.

Eat real food and see real results.

There is no complexity here and it’s certainly no quick fix. If you educate yourself to understand that the types of food you eat have a huge impact on your body then you are 99% of the way towards achieving your health goals.

Without complicating matters too much, the human body is a pretty complex system. Our bodies are far more complicated than the grossly oversimplified ‘calories in/calories out’ message the diet industry promotes (I’m looking at you WeightWatchers). It too has evolved significantly over millennia but that evolution stops at the point of the appendix being pretty much useless. Simply put, the human body hasn’t evolved enough to process the rubbish in our industrialised food system today. If you look at most modern diets and indeed the food that most of us eat, it is largely processed, covered in pesticides, injected with antibiotics and growth hormones and to sum it all up is not the natural food we were designed to eat and function best from eating.

Eat only what grows on trees and on the ground; flies in the sky, swims in the sea, eats the grass and is produced by an animal.

The benefits to changing your eating habits to this simple philosophy are 10 fold.

  • You will feel more energised
  • You will sleep better
  • You will be have improved digestion
  • You will burn more calories (and fat!)
  • You will be sick less often
  • You will have better skin, hair and nails
  • You will build more muscle and have less body fat
  • You be less likely to be deficient in vitamins and minerals
  • You will limit your sugar intake
  • You will reduce the risk of long term health problems such as cancer and heart disease

What to eat and drink

  • Unprocessed organically sourced meat and animal products
  • Ethically sourced fish
  • Organic, seasonal fruit and vegetables, especially green vegetables.
  • Nuts
  • Eggs
  • Pulses, (some) whole grains and oats
  • Filtered water
  • Green tea

What not to eat:

  • Anything processed
  • Sugar (unless in fruit)
  • White rice, pasta and bread
  • Fizzy drinks and fruit juices
  • Alcohol (sorry)
  • Sweets, crisps and chocolate – junk!

Pretty simple right?

It may not be very exciting or the latest celebrity Heat magazine endorsed diet and I cannot promise that you’ll lose half a stone in a week by following it, but it works long term. We advocate this approach with our clients and coupled with regular exercise, for 99% of them it has remarkable effects in as little as a 3 month period.