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Let me present a scenario: Claire has got a holiday coming up in 4 weeks, she needs to burn fat fast and decides to throw herself head first into getting into amazing beach ready shape. At the start of week one she weighs herself on the scales, start the latest and greatest celebrity diet that she read in Grazia and grinds away for an hour three times a week on the cross trainer, full of enthusiasm. After a week of hard work and deprivation she excitedly steps back onto the scales to find that she’s only lost half a pound. Dejected she goes on an eating binge for the rest of the day and finish up back where she started or worse. Sound familiar? The problem doesn’t lie with lack of effort and discipline, it comes from training inefficiently and eating the wrong types of foods at the wrong times.

When trying to improve your body it can be all too tempting to be blinkered by the number on the scales, because if its getting smaller then you’re looking better – Right? Wrong. Losing weight can mean losing number of different things: water, muscle or body fat. If you lose muscle and not fat the number on the scales will go down but you will look almost exactly the same as you’ll still have the layer of fat covering your muscles and hiding the body shape you’re working so hard to achieve. In addition to this, losing muscle mass spells disaster for your metabolism (your bodies inner energy burning mechanism), which will actually slow down and in some cases even STOP fat loss.

[pullquote]When trying to improve your body it can be all too tempting to be blinkered by the number on the scales, because if its getting smaller then you’re looking better – Right?[/pullquote]

Let me present another scenario: my client Sarah came to me looking to get into great shape for her upcoming wedding so we started the Sculpt 60 day program. At the start of week one she stepped onto the scales and I took her body fat measurement at 27%. She worked really hard in the gym 3 times / week, lifting weights, performing interval training and following the nutrition plan to the letter. 60 days later Sarah’s body fat came in at a lean and mean 19%, the layer of fat covering her muscles and body shape has gone and she looks and feels great for her wedding next month. Interestingly the number on the scales has only gone down marginally as she’s gained weight in muscle and lost weight through fat loss. The Sculpt 60 training and diet plan Sarah followed is designed to accelerate fat loss whilst maintaining and even building her all important muscle mass.

3 Huge Tips To Apply If You Want To Burn Fat Fast

[list type=”arrow”] [li]Start lifting weights[/li]

By regularly lifting weights you can ensure that you hold onto your precious muscle mass and keep your metabolism fired up whilst you’re dieting. If fat loss is your goal, time in the gym spent lifting weights is much more effective than spending 3 hours a week jogging or on the Cross Trainer, trust me on this one. If you’re a female and you’re thinking “oh no I can’t lift weights because I’ll instantly become muscular and bulky” – this simply isn’t possible, women (and most men) don’t have enough testosterone for this to happen.
[li]Cut down sugar and apply the Paleo diet principle[/li]

Simply put, this is eating and drinking foods that can be found in their natural state, things that grow, run, swim or fly are good places to look (not dolphins or eagles though.) Most people in the Western world could make big fat loss gains simply by giving up sugar in all of it’s many forms, try to go cold turkey for a week and see if you notice the difference in your energy levels and body fat.
[li]Drink LOADS OF WATER – at least 2 litres every day[/li]

Without this nothing else works properly, think of it as putting fuel in your car, if you don’t fill up regularly it won’t go!


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