The best ab exercises for getting a 6 pack

best abs exercises for getting a 6 pack
Six pack abs are seen as the holy grail when it comes to a mans physique, we are constantly reminded that ripped abs will make us more of a man, girls will like us more and we’ll be the envy of other guys at the gym. Running a busy London…

Diet confusion? Keep it simple for predictable results

Dieting and weight loss is a huge industry and as a consumer (not just of food but of the many other messages, books, ebooks, diet clubs, shakes and magic pills) it is easy to lose your mind with the many mixed and often contradictory messages out there. Don’t get stuck…

Sculpt Featured in The Complete 5:2 Diet App

In collaboration with the bestselling author of The 5:2 Bikini Diet, Jacqueline Whitehart, Sculpt is featured in a brand new diet and exercise app available to download now to your iPhone, iPad and Android device. Sculpt founder David Jones created a fat-busting 30-day exercise programme to be completed alongside The 5:2…

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